Sending messages to LG TVs

LGTV Messengerâ„¢  is an application that runs on IOS & Android devices that can send a message to a LG TV.

  • Fed up of shouting to children or partners when they are watching TV in another room and they can’t/don’t hear you?
  • Want an easy & painless way of telling the children to stop screaming when playing on games console?
  • Want to have some fun sending messages to other TVs on your WIFI network?
  • Need to get a message to a colleague?

LGTV Messengerâ„¢ will allow you to send a message to a LG TV that will display on the screen so it cannot be missed.

Messages can be sent with the following easy to set options:

  • Mute TV when the message arrives
  • Repeat the message
  • Turn the TV off after the message has been sent

It is simple and fun to use & understand.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for more information

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